How Do I Become A Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient?

Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient

Step 1

A prospective medical marijuana patient in Maryland must first register through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) website. The Maryland medical cannabis patient registry is live and registering patients.

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Step 2

Next a patient should obtain a recommendation from a registered Maryland doctor, dentist, podiatrist, nurse midwife or nurse practitioner in good standing. The MMCC Provider Registry is open at this time and any interested medical professional is encouraged to apply.

Many Maryland doctors have not yet registered. Below is a list of doctors in Montgomery county who are registered and currently working with potential cannabis patients. If you are a doctor in Montgomery county and would like to be added, please contact us.

After careful consideration of the patients condition, medical records and weighing risks vs. benefits, the physician may recommend the use of medical marijuana as a safe adjunct to current medical treatment. The registered physician then submits the patient’s medical marijuana recommendation to the patient registry database.

Step 3

Once a recommendation is issued and logged in the MMCC database, the patient may obtain medical marijuana or products produced from cannabis in varying formulations and delivery methods from Premium Medicine dispensary which will be opening later this year once medical marijuana is available.

The patient may purchase an optional Maryland medical marijuana patient ID card from the MMCC. The patient may also use a valid government-issued ID card to obtain medicine. The ONLY valid patient ID cards are issued by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Beware of companies offering to sell you a ID card as they are not valid unless issued by the MMCC.

How Do I Obtain Medical Marijuana From a Maryland Dispensary?

Visit Premium Medicine medical marijuana dispensary which will be opening soon in Silver Spring. A Dispensary employee will verify your medical marijuana recommendation via the Patient Registry and register you so you can begin purchasing medical cannabis.

Patients may obtain a 30 day supply at one time. A 30 day supply is determined by the recommending physician in whatever amount is deemed necessary to control an individual patient’s condition. Please be aware, a medical marijuana recommendation that is NOT used within 120 days of issuance becomes null and void.

At this time, Medical Cannabis is not reimbursed by any insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid nor through the Veteran’s Administration.

Patients are encouraged to visit United Patients Group medical marijuana educational resources to access useful information for patients and general information regarding treatment with medical marijuana.

Patients in Montgomery County Maryland and surrounding areas are encouraged to attend our Medical Marijuana Patient Seminars (Coming soon) or schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable Medical Team.